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EXO’s manager embroiled in scuffle at Nanjing airport

The manager allegedly got into conflict with the customs officers


Last weekend, South Korean boyband EXO travelled to Nanjing, China to perform at the opening ceremony of Youth Olympic Games. However, the group was stopped by customs officers at the airport, as there were reportedly issues with the contents of their luggage.

When the airport staff requested that the members open their luggage for checks, EXO’s manager refused to oblige and showed his displeasure by scolding the security guards. He also allegedly kicked the table and luggage, which hit some fans who were standing nearby.

In the heat of the moment, EXO’s manager shone light into the fans’ eyes to prevent them from snapping photos. A fan’s camera was even knocked to the ground, heightening the chaotic situation. Eventually subdued by airport security, the manager was forcefully brought away from the scene.

Although the EXO boys did not get embroiled in the scuffle, Chinese member Tao was seen looking distressed as he constantly turned his head to look for his fellow group mates while being escorted out of the airport.

Meanwhile, some witnesses have pointed out that the dispute was, in fact, caused by the airport staff’s bad attitude. Tao and Luhan were also said to have tried mediating between both sides, but to no avail.

After news of the incident spread like wildfire on the Internet, S.M. Entertainment clarified that the conflict was between the airport staff and bodyguards, and not EXO’s manager. “The police was not involved. Everything was resolved without problems at the airport,” a representative stated.




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