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Fala Chen criticized for playing diva

The actress was reportedly a frequent latecomer during filming

Fala Chen

More bad press ensued for Hong Kong celebrity Fala Chen, following earlier reports on her blatant flirting with co-star Julian Cheung during the filming of upcoming drama Triumph in the Skies II.

It was reported that a person, who claimed to be the friend of a TVB make-up artist, published a microblog post which hinted at Fala’s impunctuality. The 30-year-old apparently made the production crew wait for her at the set for nearly two hours every morning. 

Although the ‘diva’ was not named, she was referred to as “C”, and thus all fingers pointed to Fala as she is the only actress among the cast whose surname’s initial is “C”.

In response, Fala explained that it was a misunderstanding caused by a communication breakdown between the staff. She wrote on her personal microblog: “Do not be afraid of taking the trouble to communicate. Taking the initiative might resolve many issues.”  

The same netizen posted another comment upon Fala’s ‘reflection’, toning down on her attacks – “‘She’ is not a bad person in my eyes and I’ve seen her sincerity.”

When speaking to the media after she returned to Hong Kong, the actress made clear that she has been reporting to the set according to schedule and that she has been late for only once or twice, and each time for 10 minutes at most. She added that the issue has already been resolved.

Producer Ou Guanying also responded to this incident, clarifying that the post was not written by the make-up artist herself and that it has since been deleted.

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Fala Chen


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