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Fann Wong could not stop crying at baby Zed’s arrival

The arrival of baby Zed brought on a mixture of emotions for first-time mum, Fann Wong

Photos: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Fann Wong

“I was so touched that I could not stop crying,” said Fann Wong, in her first interview, at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, since giving birth to her newborn son, Zed Lee, on National Day this year.

The first-time mother was of course talking about the sense of elation and satisfaction she felt when welcoming a new life and her littlest bundle of joy.

“When I heard the baby’s first cry, I felt that everything was worth the wait,” she shared, including the grueling 10-hour labour process she experienced, which ended up in a C-section instead of her originally planned natural birth.

Husband, Christopher Lee, chimed, “In fact, I could tell that she has been trying to maintain herself and appear calm ever since she got pregnant. But when the baby came out, she couldn’t control her emotions and kept crying.”

Calling it a very “memorable yet wonderful” experience, Fann shared that she hasn’t been sleeping well at night since Zed’s arrival, but she is still “very excited and looking forward to parenthood.”

“I told Chris that I’m enjoying this process. From the moment that Zed was born, to cradling him in my arms, breastfeeding him and getting to know him, it has been a very beautiful experience.”

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong

Christopher and Fann in their first interview since the arrival of baby Zed

Praising his wife for becoming more “motherly” than before, Chris added, “She has changed a lot since getting pregnant, it’s as if she stepped into a new life with a different future [awaiting her] as she prepares to start a family.

Fann and Zed was discharged from the hospital last Friday, and she thanked the hospital, doctors and nurses for their constant care during her stay in her Instagram post.

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