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Faye Wong’s daughter Dou Jing Tong caught dating

The 16-year-old met up with a teenage boy when she flew to Hong Kong for her birthday celebration, without her mother knowing

Dou Jing Tong

Chinese singer Faye Wong’s eldest daughter Dou Jing Tong was reportedly seen entering a teenage boy’s home while in Hong Kong, raising suspicions of the two dating.

The pair met up secretly on several occasions after Jing Tong flew from Beijing to celebrate her birthday in Hong Kong. In order to hide the relationship from her mother, the 16-year-old apparently told Faye that she was merely throwing a birthday party with a big group of friends. Her friends were also unaware of the couple’s secret dates.

They were spotted together at a quiet corner of a shopping arcade last Saturday, and subsequently entered a building believed to be the boy’s house. Although Jing Tong and her male friend weren’t behaving intimately, their seemingly shy yet loving looks were clear signs of a budding romance.

About two hours later, the boy sent Jing Tong back to the shopping arcade where shewaited for her friend’s chauffeur to pick her up. She gave him a hug, and seemed unwilling to part. An insider revealed that Jing Tong met the boy when she was in Hong Kong during the summer holiday last year, and they kept in touch frequently through Whatsapp and Facetime.

Dou Jing Tong

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