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Former TVB actress Yammie Lam: I was raped

The Greed of Man actress confessed that she was raped by two prominent personalities

Yammie Lam Carina Lau

Former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam, well-known for her excellent performance in TV series Greed of Man and Looking Back In Anger, confesses that she has been raped by two prominent personalities in the film industry.

Records of an interview with her close friend and manager Yang Man Li in 2008 was recently found, in which Man Li revealed that the 50-year-old actress had told her she was raped by two men.

When recently approached by the media to clarify the assertion, Yammie admitted that it was true.

“Why would I lie?” she said. “They really raped me!”

One of them had since passed away, and the other had entered her hotel room to rape her during a period when she was filming in Singapore.

When contacted by the media, Man Li said: “Yammie told me the man even smiled at her coldly after the act – it was very traumatic for her.”

Yammie admitted that she did not report the cases to the police, as she did not want to blow it up. She believed that the men were drunk and thus committed the crime. Afraid that she may be impregnated, Yammie even took contraceptives after that.

After her debut in 1984, Yammie was famed for her beauty and talent, and was seen as the rising star in the Hong Kong. However, word spread that she became haughty and arrogant, which led to her being neglected by the TV industry. She tried but failed to pursue her career in Taiwan, and made a comeback in the Hong Kong film industry through A Chinese Odyssey, in which she was cast as a spider spirit. Her notable character left a deep impression on fans.

But Yammie’s recent image had taken a turn for the worse, as her mental state became unstable in the past few years. Just last month, she was rumoured to have gone missing, and death rumours even started to surface, until she made a call to assure that she is well.

Speculations arose that the rape incidents left a great trauma on her, causing her to break down mentally.

Man Li told reporters that she has not been in contact with Yammie for some time, and that she last spoke to her over the phone after she reportedly went missing. She said Yammie had told her not to discuss her issues with outsiders.

Another good friend of Yammie’s, Hong Kong-based actress Carina Lau, was shocked when she learnt that the former was raped. she said she had not contacted Yammie in a while, and was not in a position to comment. But as Carina spoke to the media, she became teary-eyed and said she was very worried about Yammie.

Yammie Lam

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