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Frankie Gao departs in his favourite suit

The Taiwanese singer wore a white suit to be coffined

Frankie Gao

Taiwanese veteran singer Frankie Gao (Gao Ling Feng), who died from leukemia on Monday, was coffined in his favourite outfit – a white suit.

After Frankie’s death, his family and friends helped him change into said white suit as his third wife, Chin Youzhuang told reporters in a text message: “He left in peace, and even teared when he heard his children calling out to him.”

Before the night of his departure, Frankie had summoned his three children and Youzhuang, to the hospital. He bade them goodbye and told them to study hard and take care of their mother.

As he was initially admitted for internal bleeding and low blood platelet count, it was said that Frankie’s condition improved slightly after going through an immediate blood transfusion. But after his short talk with his children, he suddenly collapsed again.

By the time Youzhuang and her son rushed back to the hospital, Frankie had already lost consciousness and died shortly after at 7.50pm on Monday.

Youzhuang’s father revealed that Frankie left a sum of money and arranged for a good friend to take care of his children’s living and study expenses before he passed away. He also left NT37 million (S$1.56 million) for Youzhuang. In his will, he also left an eatery which he opened in Xiamen with some friends to his three children. It is understood that business at this eatery has been generally good.

Fans can enter Frankie’s mourning hall to pay their respects from 12pm to 2pm daily. A concert will be held in memory of him on March 8. Frankie’s 81-year-old mother said that she will remain strong, and will attend the concert with her daughter to send him on his last journey.

Frankie Gao

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