15 January 2014 10:30 | By Joanna Goh
From hottie to dorky: Radical celebrity transformations

A look back on hottest celebrities who play nerds on the big and small screens

Rebecca Lim in Yes We Can!
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Sultry hot one moment, dorky nerd the next. What’s a beautiful star to do when he or she gets sick of playing little Miss or Mr. Perfect? Why, opt out from the norm and undergo a complete makeover (we mean the uglified kind), of course.

It’s fun, gratifying, PLUS they can afford to eat proper meals and food during the show’s production period instead of abstaining from them to maintain a svelte figure for the cameras – just ask Rebecca Lim, who’s currently starring in Ch8 drama Yes We Can! Instead of her usual goddess-like slinky gowns and form-fitting dresses, the 27-year-old only wore baggy shirts, full skirts and khaki pants for her new TV role. And… are those black loafers we spot on her feet?

It’s no wonder the actress calls this her “most comfortable” role to date. In fact, Rebecca was so adamant about reenacting her character's signature poses and facial expressions again at the drama’s press conference after filming ended because it was “too ugly”.

We look at some of the most radical celebrity nerd, dork, geek transformations in TV and movies, starting with some local names. Read on for more.

Catch Rebecca Lim in her most dorky role to date in Yes We Can!, weekdays, Ch8 at 9pm.
Watch Yes! We Can on xinmsn and Toggle.


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