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Gaile Lok provides for unemployed Caucasian boyfriend

The former wife of Leon Lai is back in Hong Kong to earn extra cash

Galie Lok

Rumour has it that famous Hong Kong actress-model Gaile Lok has returned to her homeland to earn extra cash to provide for her unemployed Caucasian boyfriend.

After her divorce with Leon Lai in 2012, Gaile Lok finds herself in the arms of another man – this time a Caucasian named Cuz, who is based in Bali. Speculations arose that in order to support her unemployed lover, she approached Real Ting, Miriam Yeung’s husband, for help to re-enter the industry in Hong Kong.

This move came as a surprise to many, as the famed ex-wife of big-screen king Leon has been used to having jobs lined up at her door. But recently, her clientele has fallen.

A source revealed that in name, she is still working with Joe Chan, who is also her ex-husband’s manager. “But she is so unpredictable and isn’t in Hong Kong for long periods of time. She still sees herself as the queen of the industry and refuses to reduce her price. Of course potential clients are afraid that she will not turn up and don’t dare to approach her,” the source added.

Known for her extravagance, Gaile is also found to be currently renting a cheap 40-year-old apartment that cost HK$20,000 (approximately S$3240) a month with two other female friends. She is seen to leave the house early and is only back late at night. She even flies regularly to Bali to meet her boyfriend.

Another source revealed that although she has received alimony from Leon, her excessive expenditure and investments in a bar business have resulted in some financial difficulties. Gaile even mentioned earlier that she wants to start jewellery and swimsuit businesses.

When asked if she would attend Leon’s birthday held last Thursday, she said that she felt no need to be in contact with her ex-husband again.

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