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G.E.M Tang refuses to speak about Yoga Lin

The Hong Kong singer could not stand a mention about her former boyfriend

G.E.M Tang

Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang rose to popularity after her stellar performance in Chinese singing competition I Am A Singer 2, in which she clinched second place. Her autograph session and fan meet in Hong Kong two days ago attracted some 200 fans.

She was greeted with an enthusiastic group of fans upon her return to Hong Kong. However, many of her ex-boyfriend Yoga Lin’s fans speculated that she had deliberately arranged for these people to be there, to create hype.

When reporters mentioned Yoga, G.E.M expressed her disdain at speaking about him, and replied candidly that she does not want to hear about anything related to him. She emphasised that her recent comments made online, which were widely seen as criticisms on Yoga’s flaws, were simply her own personal thoughts at that time, and felt that there was no need to explain her actions to everyone.

When asked her earnings increased after rising to fame, she replied evasively: “Whenever I get the cheque from my company, I’ll pass it to my mum to manage, so I don’t really know how much it is.”

On the other hand, Yoga, who was in Hong Kong to promote his concert, was less antagonistic towards his former lover.

Responding to rumours that he is a playboy and a flirt, after being romantically linked with another celebrity besides G.E.M some time ago, he said: “(The news) doesn’t matter. What’s important is that there’s good music to be shared with fans, and I hope that my music can be an emotional support to everyone when they are down.”

Yoga Lin

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