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George Hu’s misfortune on set

The Taiwanese actor sustained a back injury while filming for drama Love Around

George Hu

The 31-year-old might be better known for his 2009 idol drama ToGetHer with Jiro Wang and Rainie Yang. However, the lanky actor is encouraged by the fact that he has an increasingly warm reception with each visit to our shores.

A rising actor in Taiwan, George Hu had won leading roles in various projects in recent years, including blockbuster period drama Prince of Lan Ling.In his most recent project Love Around, the American born Chinese plays a rich second generation of a triad leader, who became a dispirited soul after a sudden breakup with his long-time girlfriend.

When he was filming Love Around, George let on that it was the first time he felt the hardships of being an actor after almost seven years in the business.

For one, he sustained a back injury as a result of playing baseball, which was a sport that the actor had to become familiar with as it was required of the role. 

During the interview, George’s manager revealed that the actor has been seeking treatment for more than two months now, and had even gone through an acupuncture session prior to his trip to Singapore.

Aside from physical pains, the good-looking star was put in a spot when he was made to film an emotional scene in a toilet at the immigration office in Taiwan.  Initially due to film at the customs office, the crew was forced to make a last minute change in location when permission was not granted at the site. 

“The original plan was to have me sobbing uncontrollably. But as a result of filming in a toilet, I could not get into the right mood, and tears just couldn’t flow. In the end, I could only film the scene looking sorrowful and emotionless.”

George Hu



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