25 February 2013 15:45 | By Joanna Goh
Get Social rolls with fresh faces and “social awkwardness”

What you see is what you get: Things are light-hearted and fun on the set of this laugh-a-minute web series

Get Social's first day of filming
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On the first day of shooting for xinmsn‘s upcoming web series Get Social, the set is abuzz with life and chatter as lead actors and crew members zoom around the rented office space to get dressed and prep for the show’s opening scene.

As the finishing touching are made to the office-like set, the soundman stretches his boom microphone out and away from the camera’s eye as the crew readies for the director’s cue to roll. “Attention… roll cameras… and action!” he yells, and the first day of a two-week long intensive filming has just begun…

After filming their first few scenes, we caught up the show’s main leads (George Young, Shane Mardjuku and Oon Shu An) who are no strangers to acting, having done a fair share of TV, online and theatre shows prior to Get Social. As personal friends and artistes managed by the same company (FLY Entertainment) George, Shane and Shu An quickly warmed up to each other and their new co-star, Vanessa 
Ann Vanderstraaten.

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