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Gigi Leung suffers from ‘frozen shoulder’ condition

The Hong Kong actress confesses that she has stopped trying for a child temporarily due to her ‘frozen shoulder’ illness

Gigi Leung

Hong Kong singer-actress Gigi Leung turned up for an event with her Spanish husband Serigo yesterday – the first time the couple officially appeared together for a media event. It was an unforgettable moment, Gigi admitted.

During the event, Serigo even showed off his great Cantonese-speaking skills, while his wife confessed with a laugh that he has been trying to learn Mandarin in his two years in Hong Kong.

“The first thing I taught him was how to say ‘I love you’ in Mandarin!” Gigi laughed. “I’ve been learning Spanish too. I didn’t understand it at all in the beginning and he had to translate for me.”

She told reporters that if they have a baby, she would speak to the child in Cantonese, while her husband would communicate in Spanish. When both parents are present, they would speak in English. This way, their child would learn three languages at the same time.

Despite being married for two years, the couple is yet to be expecting a child. Gigi said they have been trying, but as she has recently been diagnosed with shoulder periarthritis (a ‘frozen shoulder’ condition where there is limited mobility of the joint), which resulted in a curved spine and pelvis, she has to halt her baby-making plans temporarily.

“Both my husband and I were stunned when we heard the news!” she said, adding that the treatment was very painful. When she went for a session two days ago, she looked so miserable that Sergio hugged her and cried.

She even had to be the one to console her husband. “He was so upset when he saw the pain I was in, and told me to stop going for physiotherapy altogether,” she said. “So I said that if I give birth in future it would be more painful, and then he was okay.”

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