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Gordon Liu recovers $290,000 in savings

Gordon Liu’s former assistant promised to return the money that she cheated him of

Gordon Liu

Former Chinese martial arts film star Gordon Liu finally managed to recover his savings, which amount to HK$1.8 million (approximately S$290,000), from his former assistant.

The Hong Kong-based star was rendered paralysed in the lower half of his body after suffering from a stroke a few years back. Adding on to his misfortune, his then assistant, Eva Fung, cheated him of his large amount of savings. After a lawsuit that has dragged on for years, Gordon finally managed to regain his savings on Tuesday night, when Eva promised to return the money unconditionally.

Although she had let him down in his time of need, Gordon still remains grateful to his former assistant. He expressed his appreciation through actress buddy Amy Fan: “Much thanks to Miss Eva Fung for taking care of him (Gordon) from 17 August 2011 to 27 December 2012.”

Amy also revealed that Gordon’s condition is good right now, and his weight is slowly increasing. Although he had been unable to go for rehabilitation due to a lack of money, he is now able to do so because of the restoration of his savings, and hopes to appear in a more healthy state soon.

Gordon Liu

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