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Hong Kong and China celebs express their condolences towards MH370 victims’ families

Stars such as Zhang Ziyi and Niki Chow post up words of comfort

Zhang Ziyi

Chinese blockbuster film actress Zhang Ziyi posted up words of condolences online after Malaysian authorities announced on Monday night that the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had most likely plunged into the south Indian Ocean with no survivors on board.

Earlier, the Ziyi had revealed that blockbuster movie The Grandmaster martial arts choreographer Ju Kun had been on the plane. When the tragic news was announced, the actress said sadly, “After hoping for so long, there’s no miracle, but a tragedy instead!”

She gave her condolences to the victims’ families and said, “Let the victims rest in peace.”

Hong Kong actress Niki Chow, who is a good friend of Ju Kun’s wife Cheng Liping, had consoled the latter online earlier. “Dear Liping, you must be strong!” she had written. “Let’s pray for all on the flight that they will return safely.”

When the news was out on Monday, Niki phoned Liping immediately to console her. The latter told her, “Many families feel that the Malaysian authorities are rash with their decisions, and aren’t happy with their arrangements.”

“How did they prove that the plane had crashed?" she added. "They had previously said it wasn’t a crash, but now they said it is, and didn’t explain things to us properly. I refuse to believe that the plane has crashed; I don’t believe that my husband is gone.”

It was understood that Liping has been in Malaysia to wait for the news, together with the other victims’ families. She had originally intended to return to Beijing a few days ago, but with the recent development, she decided to remain in Malaysia for the time being.

Zhang Ziyi and other celebrities posted up their thoughts and condolences on Weibo and other social media. Huang Xiaoming wrote, “It’s a painful 17 days waiting. It’s 239 lives; please give us an answer!”

Hong Kong actress Ada Choi and her husband Zhang Jin, who have worked with Ju Kun before, also expressed their grief when they appeared for a commercial shoot yesterday. “We are very, very sad, and we don’t want to accept such an answer.”

Ju Kun

'The Grandmaster' martial arts choreographer Ju Kun and his family

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