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Hossan Leong, a true-blue Singaporean boy

The fast-talking chap rates himself on kiasuism and shares on some of his very own Singaporean habits

Text & Photos: Joanna Goh
Video: Tay Yixuan

Hossan Leong in We Are Singaporeans 2

He gets to grill local participants on little nuggets and facts about this little red dot in-exchange for the lucrative prize money, and is never seen without a bowtie or colourful spectacle frames for this Ch5 gameshow.

Meet Hossan Leong, the quick-witted host of two seasons of We Are Singaporeans who shows us that he knows just enough about Singapore to tide him through dinner conversations as he gamely tossed out a random island fact on the number of Merlions found in Singapore (five, in case you're wondering), as if to prove his point during our interview with him.

While he admits that his speaking mannerisms and his Singaporean accent are just about the "most Singaporean aspect" of him, we found Hossan guilty of a couple more very-Singaporean practices in our mini Q&A below.

Read on for a laugh and find out how this Singapore boy fares! Do you find yourself guilty of committing any of these too?

xinmsn: Tell us the most "kiasu" thing you've ever done.
Hossan: Okay, sorry I must admit now. I was the first one to buy Kylie Minogue tickets when it went on sale 9am on a Monday morning. I was on the Internet and I bought the tickets. Yes, I checked with SISTIC and I was the first one.

Hossan Leong in We Are Singaporeans 2

Bought 4D or Toto from an accident car plate number?
No, never bought 4D in my life.

"Choped" for seats at food centers using a packet of tissue paper or any object in hand?
(Guffaws) The thing about the "chope" (colloquialism for 'reserve') thing in the hawker centres is very funny because I've never experienced it until I went in to the CBD area during lunch hour and witnessed it firsthand. I was completely amazed that it actually works. Not just tissue paper, keys, umbrella, someone's helmet, security pass. I've never tried it myself though.

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