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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s old dating photos revealed

The couple’s friends are finally allowed to share their photos publicly

Huang Xiaoming

Celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s friends have been posting old photos of the two online, after they went public with their romance last week.

In one of the pictures, Angelababy wore a blonde wig and posed for the camera with a birthday cake. In a separate post, a photo showed Xiaoming carrying a cake decorated with a pair of wedding couple figurines. The words on the cake read: “My dear Best Actor, Happy 18th Birthday! From, wife.”

Also, Xiaoming’s friend congratulated the actor for finally admitting to the relationship after dating for over four years. “I didn’t dare to post photos of them previously. May the lovers be united in matrimony!” he said, hinting that wedding bells could be ringing soon.

Meanwhile, Xiaoming’s fans also expressed their well wishes for the couple. “Our master has finally come clean about it [his love life]! It’s a good thing, since he’s not that young anymore,” a netizen exclaimed.

Other fans also “reminded” Angelababy to take care of the actor, while commenting on how compatible the good-looking couple is.


Huang Xiaoming

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