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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy accused of sensationalising news

Reports claimed that Angelababy “pretended to be surprised” by Huang Xiaoming’s birthday present

Huang Xiaoming Angelababy

Celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have been accused of sensationalising their relationship, after they went public on the latter’s 25th birthday on Feb 28.

It was recently discovered that the black Lamborghini convertible (Gallardo LP560-4 Spider), which Xiaoming gifted his girlfriend, was registered under Angelababy’s name. As a result, some netizens criticised the actress-model for “pretending to be surprised”.

Additionally, media reports claimed that the car was first bought by Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung at NT$14 million (approximately S$660,000) in 2009. The Triumph in the Skies II star later sold the convertible to his boss Xiao Dingyi, who eventually let go of the car to Xiaoming at the price of NT$9 million (S$370,000).

Meanwhile, Angelababy’s manager Kim has released an official statement to refute the claims. “Don’t you know how to give your blessings? There’s no need to conjure conspiracy theories. Angelababy truly did not know of her birthday surprise,” he said.

“According to regulations, you need to register the driver’s name when you buy a car and you are not allowed to change it after that. Under my supervision, Xiaoming secretly bought the vehicle under our company name and handled all the paperwork,” added Kim.

He also emphasised that Angelababy is happy to receive “any gift” from her beau. On the other hand, Xiaoming’s agency explained that the actor had persuaded Dingyi to sell him the car because he could not purchase a brand new car in time for the surprise.

Huang Xiaoming Angelababy

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