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Huang Xiaoming brings Angelababy on family trip

Angelababy tagged along as Huang Xiaoming and his parents headed to Tokyo

Huang Xiaoming Angelababy

Since Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming revealed his romance with model-turned-actress Angelababy in February, their relationship has taken a high-profile turn. Recently, Angelababy tagged along as the actor took his parents for a leisure trip to Tokyo. Netizens spotted Xiaoming at the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan, snapping a photo with Angelababy as his parents looked on happily.

Another netizen also claimed sightings of the couple the day before, posting: “Someone ran into Huang Xiaoming and the goddess Angelababy at Isetan in Shinjuku. What a pity… I work at the café less than three minutes away from where they were spotted.”

Netizens who were lucky enough to have spotted the couple, took photos and uploaded them online. In the pictures, Xiaoming, who is wearing a hat, is seen with his parents while Angelababy sat at the men’s section, waiting for her beau’s parents to take their pick.

People who spotted the celebrity couple on the streets praised Xiaoming and Angelababy for “looking good together,” and most fans remain supportive of the couple’s high-profile relationship.

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