04 May 2013 10:30
Ian Fang and Jayley Woo unleash their inner dancing machines

The up-and-comers explore a brand new side of themselves in The Dream Makers

Ian Fang and Jayley Woo unleash their inner dancing machines
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Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Foong Mien Shi

You’ve seen Ian Fang get into fights, cross-dress as a girl, and break hearts with emotional bawling scenes, but have you ever seen the Star Awards 2013 Best Newcomer bust a dance move? In The Dream Makers, you will.

In the upcoming Ch8 drama, Ian plays a dancer who has dreams of making it big, and joins competitions to make himself known. However, the real Ian admitted that the role was quite tiring. “Ever since filming began, I’ve had to dance and dance and dance and dance,” the young actor told us in an interview between takes. We were at The Star Vista, and the cast and crew were filming a talent show scene.

Ian revealed that he knew a bit of dance basics beforehand, but wasn’t familiar with the “B-boy” style his character specialises in. “I was more into an upbeat, J-pop style,” he said. “So I went for one B-boy dance lesson, and my teacher helped choreograph a few moves that I’d be able to master in a shorter amount of time.”

While Ian appeared more confident about his dance scenes, his co-star Jayley Woo confessed that she wasn’t as self-assured. “I’m actually not a very good dancer at all,” she disclosed. “My character has a passion for performing, so I was quite worried that I wouldn’t be able to portray that very well.”

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