14 December 2012 10:05
Introducing the cast of ‘Beyond’ and their extreme makeovers in the show

Of alter egos and different getups for the show – which Beyond actor had it worst in terms of time spent in hair and makeup?

Introducing the cast of ‘Beyond’ and their extreme makeovers in the show
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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Channel 8
Videos: Fiona Lin and Ling Pak Wei

After a year of heartland drama offerings on local TV, upcoming Ch8 sci-fi series Beyond may serve as a refreshing break for TV viewers when it premieres on Christmas Eve. Featuring Jeanette Aw, Li Nanxing, Shaun Chen, Xiang Yun, Pierre Png and Pamelyn Chee, this show revolves around six different dimensions, alter egos and supernatural powers, and is the first locally-produced sci-fi drama in years.

It is also loaded with fancy-schmancy special effects, just so you know - the tapes were even specially sent to Moscow for post-production editing. On top of that, the cast will be caught in various getups as they travel back and forth different dimensions - with some caught in various states of "undress".

With the ability to look into people's inner worlds and see their alter egos, a pair of spectacles belonging to Jeanette's character became an object of fear amongst her co-stars. As long as she is seen without her spectacles, it spelt only one thing for the crew: hair, makeup and wardrobe change!

Read on to find out who spent the longest hours in hair and makeup and who sustained facial wrinkles as a result of their character's transformation!

Beyond debuts on Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 9pm on Ch8.

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