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Is Bosco Wong courting Niki Chow?

The TVB actor reportedly pursued his co-star to make his ex-girlfriend jealous

Niki Chow & Bosco Wong

Hong Kong TVB actor Bosco Wong allegedly pursued co-star Niki Chow after former girlfriend, actress Myolie Wu, ignored his attempts to reconcile their eight-year relationship after breaking up in July. Rumour has it that Bosco wanted to make Myolie jealous of his new relationship.

Bosco and Niki, who portrayed as a couple in their upcoming drama A Change of Heart, allegedly took their romance off-screen.

The production team expressed that Bosco would "offer to buy coffee for Niki every day" and "try to make Niki smile". It is said that Bosco went to the extent of requesting to celebrate his birthday last Wednesday with his co-stars, including Niki and veteran actor Michael Miu.

During the festivities, Niki gave Bosco a birthday peck on his cheek, inviting speculations of their budding romance.

A source revealed, "[Bosco] initially hoped to celebrate his birthday with Myolie and texted her several times, emphasizing that she is his best friend for life."

However, Myolie reportedly did not respond to any of his text messages, which resulted in Bosco's decision to celebrate his birthday on set.

Rumours also suggested that Niki has feelings for Bosco, but "wants to observe [the situation] for a period of time" before making a decision on whether or not to commit to a serious relationship with the actor.

The actress refuted such rumours at the annual TVB awards last night and clarified that both of them are "just friends".

"I haven't sensed that he's pursuing me in any way," Niki added.

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