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Is Joey Meng having an affair with Johnson Lee?

Things are not so simple between the married TVB actress and her co-actor

Joey Meng Johnson Lee

Hong Kong actress Joey Meng was recently seen to be on very close terms with her co-actor Johnson Lee since the pair started filming for their new drama Niu Tou Ai Da Ma Zui (unconfirmed English title Ox Head Loves to Match with Horse Mouth).

The 43-year-old married actress was even seen linking arms and behaving intimately with Johnson off set. Over the past few years, the sweet-looking actress has caused quite a flurry among her male counterparts in showbiz.

Last Wednesday, the pair was spotted hurrying away to the carpark after their make-up session and disappeared for 15 minutes. Even after an entire day of filming, both of them went for dinner together at a restaurant. Johnson also was by her side when Joey spoke to her husband on the phone, looking rather troubled.

A member of the production crew revealed that although Joey is married, she still behaves like a coquettish and flighty teenage girl. Johnson, whose former girlfriend was said to be “wild”, thus found himself attracted to Joey and has become very protective of her.

Johnson even publicly declared: “Only she can make me feel so attracted. I’m single and I don’t have a girlfriend, so I have no reason to deny it.” He even added that in the whole process of filming, he is the most concerned about her, and is not bothered by anything else.

But Joey is not afraid of the rumours, as she confidently declared that her marriage of many years is going strong. When asked about the possibility of a baby, she quickly replied: “Let’s see when I have the time!”

Joey Meng Johnson Lee

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