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Is Jolin Tsai’s boyfriend having an affair?

The Taiwanese diva’s boyfriend Vivian Dawson is rumoured to be too close to Tiny Times director Guo Jingming

Jolin Tsai, Vivian Dawson

Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai’s model boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, is recently rumoured to be cheating on her with the male movie director of Tiny Times 3, Guo Jingming, who is also a popular Chinese writer.

Jolin recently spoke about her three-year relationship with Vivian and revealed that she would only marry if she gets pregnant. But just last week, a Weibo user who named himself ‘Secrets of the Entertainment industry’ and digs out insider information on the industry revealed that Vivian is having an affair with Jingming, with whom he is working together with for Tiny Times 3.

30-year-old Jingming has had turned his novel Tiny Times into a three-part movie series, and rose to fame after actively promoting his movie as both director and scriptwriter.

With facial features that resemble a Japanese idol, Jingming was initially rumoured to have a ‘couple look’ and an ambiguous relationship with the male lead of Tiny Times, Cheney Chen. They were even said to have visited Daikanyama district in Tokyo together.

This time, the ‘Secrets of the Entertainment industry’ user posted on Weibo: “A certain female celebrity’s boyfriend is having an affair, not with some hot babe, but with a male director…” This revelation caused many to speculate that the mentioned affair is between Vivian and Jingming.

Coincidentally, a fortune teller read the fortune for Jolin and Vivian’s relationship last week, and cautioned that the couple needs to take note of a third party.

Vivian’s management refuted the rumours yesterday and stressed that the information is false, but will not take legal action if the rumours are not adversely affecting the artiste. On the other hand, Jingming’s colleague declined to comment.

Vivian Dawson

Vivian Dawson was photographed having dinner with Guo Jingming.

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