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Is Kenneth Ma two-timing?

Dating rumours between the TVB actor and TVB actresses Natalie Tong and Eliza Sam broke out at the same time

Kenneth Ma Natalie Tong

Rumour has it that Hong Kong TVB actor Kenneth Ma is two-timing Hong Kong actresses Natalie Tong and Eliza Sam.

According to the Hong Kong media, the 39-year-old actor has been keeping close contact with Natalie after they both acted in the TVB drama A Fistful of Stances in 2009. Natalie has been in a relationship with TVB host Amigo Choi for seven years, but the latter had reportedly cheated behind Natalie’s back a few times.

It was said that Kenneth would always comfort her during those difficult times and the pair eventually fell in love.

However, an insider revealed that Natalie is now caught between Kenneth and Amigo as she cannot give up her relationship with her longtime boyfriend.

When asked about the dating rumours between Natalie and him, Kenneth did not deny, but told reporters that he “did not know how to answer them”. Kenneth also added that he is not clear of Natalie’s relationship with “that person” now, referring to her boyfriend Amigo.

After Kenneth’s comments were reported, sources revealed that Amigo called someone to vent his anger and accused Kenneth of “snatching someone else’s girlfriend” over the phone.

At the same time, dating rumours between Kenneth and TVB actress Eliza Sam was also made public, giving rise to speculations that the actor is currently two-timing both girls.

The pair was caught dating by the paparazzi recently, but Kenneth denied that they were seeing each other and claimed that they went for a barbeque with a group of friends that day.

Natalie Tong Amigo Choi

Kenneth Ma Eliza Sam

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