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Is Nick Cheung having a depression relapse?

The Hong Kong actor was reportedly under stress to maintain his muscular physique

Nick Cheung

After flaunting his eight-pack physique which he had trained hard for his boxing film Unbeatable three months ago, Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung has since been trying to keep up with this muscular image. 

However, his actress wife Esther Kwan does not approve of this decision as she felt that the pressure of body-building may trigger a relapse of his depression from 2007.  Unfazed by the latter’s worries, Nick continued with his body-building training which reportedly angered Esther.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Esther and Nick were seen going on fewer family outings than before. Rumours have it that the couple are avoiding one another on purpose, to protect their seven-year-old daughter from the rising tension.

A source close to the celebrity couple also revealed that the married couple has been sleeping separately for a while now.

In response to the claims, the 45-year-old actor who was said to have flared up uncontrollably on several occasions, insisted that they were false.

Esther on the other hand told reporters: “It’s true that he is on a diet and isn’t in the best of mood on some days. However, I don’t think it’s seriously affecting his mental health.”

This was not the first time Nick has painstakingly tried to buff up for a film. Two years ago, the seasoned actor exercised hard and kept a strict diet during the filming of thriller movie, Nightfall, to lose weight as quickly as possible.

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