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Jackie Chan brushes off controversy over his cuddle with singer

The action star stirs controversy once again after he is photographed “cuddling” up to singer Song Zu Ying.

Jackie Chan

Hong Kong action movie star Jackie Chan is no stranger to controversy and the actor made headlines once again when he was photographed “cuddling” up to famous Chinese folk singer Song Zu Ying during the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on Sunday.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Jackie approached the seated Zu Ying from behind, pressed his face against hers and whispered to her, causing the latter to feel awkward.

The photos of them cheek-to-cheek went viral and Jackie was accused of taking advantage of Zu Ying.

At a press conference to promote his upcoming birthday concert yesterday, Jackie said he was surprised by the strong online reaction to the photos. He explained that he is fond of leaning his face against his friends’ and the matter was blown out of proportion by the media.

He also expressed that there was no need to make a mountain out of a molehill as he and Zu Ying are both used to such intimate behaviour due to their close relationship.

So will “close friend” Zu Ying be at his 60th birthday concert in Beijing on April 6, where big stars such as Wang Lee Hom and Kim Hee Sun are expected to grace the event?

Jackie explained that he did not extend an invitation to the folk singer as the concert had already overrun due to the large number of guests. However, he hopes to invite different groups of friends to each of his birthday celebrations.

Jackie revealed that his son, actor Jaycee Chan, will be organising a celebration for his birthday, which falls on April 7, and he will also be getting together with 1,000 fans from 52 countries for an all-expenses-paid series of activities which include a birthday party, concert and a tour around the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and the Shanghai Film Museum.

When asked if he plans to invite his wife, former actress Joan Lin, to share the stage at his concert, Jackie laughed, “I invited her to be the host today, but she wasn’t too willing.”

Jackie Chan

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