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Jackie Chan envies son to get to act in romance films

The Hong Kong veteran actor admired his son getting to act in romance films and did not mind reducing his paycheck for the “golden opportunity”

Yao Xingtong, Jackie Chan & Zhang Lanxin

Jackie Chan was in town with Chinese starlets Yao Xingtong and Zhang Lanxin on Tuesday to promote his 101th and final action film CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac 2012).
Directed and produced by Jackie, CZ12 is a US$50 million (S$62 million) film which had taken him up to eight years to complete production.

Though retiring as an action star, the 58-year-old has once again assured his fans that he would still continue to make movies and has plans to venture in romance films in future.

Jackie openly admitted that he was jealous of his actor-singer son Jaycee, who has the privileges to star alongside various female artistes when he acted in romance films.

"I also crave to stroll along the beach and have intimate scenes with the female actresses. Look at Jaycee and Fiona [Hong Kong singer-actress and Jaycee's former rumoured girlfriend], it's so easy to earn money like that. I don't mind reducing my salary for this golden opportunity!" Jackie jokingly exclaimed.

Jackie Chan

He has also shortlisted Chinese actress Gong Li as his best candidate to act in his "dream romance film".

Jackie added, "I have always wanted to work with her, but we're still waiting for a good story."

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