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Jackie Chan suspected of illegal gun possession in Hong Kong?

The international action star denied accusations of possessing illegal weapons in Hong Kong

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan took his action stunts off-screen and recently revealed that he used to carry guns and grenades to protect himself from the Hong Kong triad gang members in his younger days.

When Jackie went to promote his latest action movie CZ12 in Shanghai yesterday, he dismissed claims that he had possessed illegal weapons in Hong Kong and clarified, "It [the 'guns and grenades' rumour] happened more than 30 years ago in Texas."

"A group of people were making trouble on the film set. My bodyguard had two guns and six grenades. I also carried a gun as I needed it to for my movie role then," he explained.

Contrary to what he said in Shanghai, the Hong Kong veteran actor previously claimed that he was the one who confronted the triad gang members back then when Hong Kong's film industry was largely dominated by the triads.

The 58-year-old disclosed that he once pulled out a gun when he was surrounded by 20 gang members with knives at dinner in Hong Kong. He later confronted them with two guns and six grenades to prevent fellow colleagues like Maggie Cheung, Joey Wong and Jacky Cheung from being "bullied" by them.

It is believed that Hong Kong police are looking into this matter as the possession of illegal weapons is strictly prohibited in the country.

Jackie denied the speculations and stressed that it was a "misunderstanding". He self-mockingly added, "I shall talk lesser in future."

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