19 December 2012 10:38
Jackie Chan takes his final action film CZ12 to Singapore

The international star brought along his Chinese female co-stars Yao Xingtong and Zhang Lanxin to promote his latest and final action blockbuster, CZ12

Zhang Lanxin, Jackie Chan, Yao Xingtong
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When asked on his decision to stop producing action films, he referred to injuries sustained during filming, saying, "I realised that I might not always be so lucky to escape serious consequences." He also acknowledged that it is unwise to put his life on the line constantly, especially when the current technology allows for impressive computer generated graphics without endangering his own well-being.

His co-stars Yao Xingtong and Zhang Lanxin also showed their admiration and respect for Jackie's professionalism, and revealed a little secret about the multi-tasking Jackie Chan - he apparently likes to sweep the floor on set to seek inspiration!

Yao Xingtong called it a daily adventure to film with the international star, while Zhang Lanxin was rated as the female Jackie Chan by the man himself. As for the 'next Jackie Chan', he admitted that he is still looking for a suitable candidate as it is not just about being skilled in martial arts.

How about his son, Jaycee Chan?

Jackie Chan was quick to reject the suggestion, and exclaimed, "No way, he is only good at singing!"

Before he left the stage, the action star showed his gratitude for the fans' continuous support over the years and guaranteed that CZ12 will not disappoint.

CZ12 is jointly distributed by Clover Films, Golden Village Pictures and Innoform Media.

CZ12 opens in cinemas December 20.

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