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Jacky Wu faces awkward question on second generation celebrities

The popular variety show feels abashed about his earlier comment on celebrities whose parents hail from showbiz

Jacky Wu

Veteran Taiwanese variety show host Jacky Wu recently made a remark on how second generation celebrities are “useless.” The public was shocked by his comments as many stars such as Mark Chao and Vincent Liang are second generation celebrities, and it may have offended some of them.

However, the chatty host had to eat his words yesterday when he arrived at a celebration organised for his daughter, Sandy Wu, who ventured into showbiz last year and hosts an online variety show that has garnered more than a hundred million views. It was a celebration organised by the crew to congratulate her for her success.

When reporters asked if his “useless second generation celebrities” comment extended to his daughter, Jacky appeared rather abashed and said that the statement was only made to create a dramatic effect on his show.

“The stage is like a boxing show,” he said. “I won’t say these things when I’m no longer on stage.”

More questions regarding his daughter’s work were asked, such as, will he allow her to film kissing scenes?

“No kissing scenes, unless it’s with Ang Lee,” he replied in jest.

Jacky even revealed that he had once bought an apartment and car for Sandy when she was studying in an integrated arts programme at the Washington State University in America. Sandy then added that at that time, their finances were actually rather tight.

“Yes, and she sold it all off in the end,” he added.

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