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Jade Seah, the juxtaposing queen

Styles Sussed Out: Find out how you can recreate this sassy fashionista’s quirky-cool winning style

Jade Seah, the juxtaposing queen

A knack for mixing vintage against modern pieces and classic cuts with unconventional details, “juxtaposing elements” is all the craze for this radio deejay, actress, host and fashionista when it comes to dressing up.

When she’s not busy helming the airwaves at 987FM on weekdays from 12 to 4pm, the fashion entrepreneur keeps herself busy playing dress-up and managing her online boutique, maryjulian – named after Jade’s grandparents, whose love story inspired her to “create something…for people to fall in love while wearing my clothes”.

Always seen in quirky-cool and casual-chic clothes that exude a touch of playful femininity, Jade’s fashion sense makes an interesting visual read. So, it’s only fitting that we get the spunky lady to share her fashion must-haves, style tips, and whatnot.

Describe your style

I love juxtaposing elements when dressing - modern pieces with vintage elements; classic cuts with unconventional details; and tomboy shapes with girlish details. I like to borrow from the boys – men’s shirts, tee-shirts and slim-cut pants and berms but I always mix these with a touch of femme. Men’s slouchy tops are great for balancing out short, fitted bottoms, or tucked into a form-fitting pencil skirt.

I take inspiration from elements that I like in each season, but I’m not ‘trendy’ as most of my favourite and most-worn pieces have been kept and worn for years, something that’s impossible with ‘trendy’ pieces. I also love dresses as they are great for I-don’t-know-what-to-wear days – better if they can easily be dressed up or down to suit various occasions.


Jade Seah, the juxtaposing queen

Similarly for separates – I look for those ripe for layering and piling on the accessories, and also for instant wardrobe updaters for each season to keep my look current – ones that will go with and refresh what’s in my current (and ever-expanding!) wardrobe. I wouldn’t call them ‘must-haves’ but my many tee-shirts are ‘mainstays’ and ‘go-tos’ for days when I’m uninspired or need to pull something together fast. I love tee-shirts – mostly in a boyfriend, slightly slouchy fit coz they go with everything. I like them tucked into a smart pencil skirt with a blazer for a smart-casual vibe; they dress down my sequin and lace separates for day.


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