Tuesday, 11 February 2014 16:30

Jam Hsiao’s attackers hope for reconciliation

The Taiwanese singer believes that the mastermind behind the faeces attack last October has yet to own up

Jam Hsiao

Four suspects behind Jam Hsiao’s faeces attack last October were summoned to court separately for a second hearing yesterday. The primary suspect, 28-year-old Zhang Zhe Zhi, told reporters that he deeply regrets his actions and that he would apologise to the singer at a “suitable timing”.

“I hope this incident will blow over soon,” he added.

While speaking to the media, Zhe Zhi also reiterated that he was instigated by a lady named Miss Wu, Jam’s diehard fan who wanted to seek revenge after getting into a conflict with the singer’s staff at an autograph session earlier last year.

In response, Jam’s manager Summer said that though the singer is willing to forgive people who are “honest”, he strongly believes that there is another mastermind behind the attack.

“The four suspects and Jam have nothing to do with one another. There must be another person behind this,” she emphasised. “If the mastermind does not own up, we will lodge a civil claim.”

Meanwhile, the police stated that there is insufficient evidence to prove that Jam’s infamous fan Yuki, who was previously suspected of being the culprit, is involved in the case. However, the police did not rule out the possibility of summoning her to court.

Jam Hsiao

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