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Jam Hsiao anxious about recent attacks

Former threats have taken a toll on the Taiwanese singer’s mental health

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Jam Hsiao admitted that his mental health has taken a turn for the worse recently, after a series of disturbing attacks and threatening phone calls.

The 27-year-old had faeces and urine thrown into his car last year, which hit his driver. This was followed by a series of threatening phone calls. Just recently, he received a letter with his name written on it, enclosed with meal worms and paper money for the deceased. A company representative had opened the letter and made a police report.

These incidents have made him antsy, and when he appeared on a Taiwanese variety show yesterday, he confessed that he is becoming a little “neurotic”. He even carried his dog onto the show and said: “The dog can calm my nerves.”

“I try not to probe too much into the incidents myself, as it makes things too complicated,” he explained. “If the police wants me to make a record, I will do my best to cooperate. I hope there will be a conclusion soon.”

“We just have to wait – everything needs to be dealt with in order,” he said, commenting on the unresolved faeces attack case.

He admitted that after the ‘letter with meal worms’ incident, he felt that the mastermind had the attack planned out properly, but as he does not have any evidence, he can only leave it to the police to crack the case.

Jam’s infamous Japanese fan Yuki, who confessed to have invested more than NT$9 million (approximately S$370,000) in Jam-related activities and was said to have reportedly harassed him, is rumoured to be the mastermind behind the attacks. She also recently complained online that Jam has a poor character.

In response, renowned Taiwanese filmmaker Qiu Likuan said: “There are always such people in our society – they should go to the doctor if they are sick.”

Yuki has been living below Jam’s apartment, and after the various attacks, Jam was insistent on not moving elsewhere. He even said yesterday: “The one who should move is not me.”

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