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Jam Hsiao snips his hair for new album

The Taiwanese singer thinks that his hair “could be cut even shorter”

Jam Hsiao

Mandopop star Jam Hsiao has finally snipped off his shoulder-length hair, in preparation for his new album slated to be released next month. The singer hopes to present a refreshing image with a short crop and white outfits this time around.

“Actually [my hair] could be shorter!” he chuckled. “It’s more convenient to wash and dry my hair now. The time I take to prepare before leaving the house is much lesser too!”

In fact, Jam had wanted to get a similar hairstyle as Hisashi Mitsui, a character in popular Japanese manga Slam Dunk, because of their “similar backgrounds”. “We both once went astray but we eventually turned over a new leaf due to our love for basketball,” explained the singer.

Also, the 27-year-old is not worried that his fans would have a hard time getting used to his new look. “If you compare the surface area of my face that is exposed, there isn’t much difference as I always had my hair tied in a ponytail previously,” he said.

A fan of long hair since young, Jam felt “forced” to maintain a short hairstyle during his school days. Ever since he fell in love with rock music, he resisted cutting his hair even more.

Jam Hsiao

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