Friday, 03 August 2012 11:24

Jay Chou’s new film plagued by strike

Production has reportedly stalled due to the failure to pay extras as previously agreed

Jay Chou

ay Chou's second attempt at simultaneously taking on acting and writing while being in the director's helm has recently suffered a setback when reports of extras' wages being delayed surfaced. Rooftop, which is currently filming in Yunnan, has had production in full swing in order to enter the year-end box office.

Authorities were initially engaged to source for extras and the initial agreement was to pay the workers on a daily basis. However, it was later re-discussed and the payment structure was changed to that of an hourly basis, with the rate set at NT$150 (S$6) per hour. It was also agreed that payment would be made once filming wrapped up. On July 28, a total payment of almost NT$200,000 (S$8400) was to be paid to the extras, but payment has reportedly not been made up till now.

Filming was set to continue today, but authorities had notified extras to not turn up as they have yet to receive their wages. Filming only resumed after the set director mediated and mutually agreed for payment to be made in half a month.

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