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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan go grocery shopping

The couple did not shun the paparazzi for the first time

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan

Is Jay Chou planning to go public with girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan?

Hiding their faces behind surgical masks, Jay and Hannah were spotted grocery shopping at a supermarket in Taipei on Tuesday afternoon. It was the first time in two years – since they were revealed to be secretly dating – that they had appeared in public together without shunning the media.

The couple was accompanied by a male assistant who tagged along to help carry their purchases. As Jay and Hannah were engrossed in their shopping, they only noticed the presence of paparazzi halfway through their outing. However, they were not in a hurry to escape from the cameras as they calmly continued to browse through the supermarket’s aisles.

Unlike his usual hostility towards the paparazzi, Jay simply glanced at the reporters while settling the bill at the cashier. The trio then headed for the carpark, where the multi-hyphenate drove off without a fuss.

Following this incident, 34-year-old Jay, who previously declared his wish to get married at 35, has been widely speculated to announce some good news soon.

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Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan

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