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Jaycee Chan produces theme song for Jackie Chan’s CZ12

The Hong Kong artiste opens up about his relationship with his dad for the first time

Jaycee Chan

Jaycee Chan shook off rumours of a father-son discord with Jackie Chan by producing the theme song ‘I Don’t Want No Trouble’ for the director’s latest film CZ12.

Refusing to use his father’s status to pull strings, the 30-year-old was bent on making a name for himself in the industry with his own talent and efforts. However, he decided to give his dad a self-made present for the very first time by producing the soundtrack for Jackie’s final action movie.

It is an especially meaningful gift as Jaycee combined the music from his dad’s three highly popular films Police Story, Drunken Master and Who Am I, and added the remix into the new track that he produced for CZ12.

Commenting on his shaky relationship with Jackie over the years, finally broke his silence recently and said, “My dad and I are both hot-tempered so things get heated when we are together.”

He added that they share similar personalities and are not people who would express their love verbally, preferring to show their concern via actions instead of words.

Besides Jaycee, big names such as Lee Hom and Wakin Chau also lent their voices to the soundtrack. Nevertheless, Joan Lin rated her son’s contribution as the most creative and said, “Everyone did a great job but it’s the first time Jaycee wrote a song for his dad.”

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