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Jennifer Tse: Oh, the drama!

Being part of Hong Kong's famous show business family hasn't quite prepared Jennifer Tse - younger sister of Hong Kong artiste Nicholas Tse - for all the drama that gets played out in the reality TV model competition, SupermodelMe 3, it seems.

"There was so much drama in that one episode. I'm really not used to it all," she expressed amusement at her recollection of her experience guest judging on the reality series. "It's very different from what I do [here] in Hong Kong. I was really exhausted by the end of the day." (Laughs)

Citing a Chinese idiom about "being able to tell people's personalities from their faces'', Jennifer recounted the moment when she met with the contestants and how their personalities were evident from the way they presented themselves.

"There were some who were sweet, some overly confident, and then some who tried to hide their discomfort with their quirkiness or even in an attention seeking manner," she said, and added, "But overall, I had a fun time and really enjoyed the judging process. I learned a lot about reality TV."

Jennifer, speaking to xinmsn in a telephone interview from Hong Kong, exudes a sense of groundedness and speaks with measured confidence despite her rising success in show business.

Jennifer Tse: Oh, the drama!

Having started out as a model herself, Jennifer let on that being a model, to her, felt like "preparing for a prom every night" as she had to constantly work hard at keeping a flawless skin "coz I break out in hives easily".

"Supermodels can be a form of standard beauty but I really believe that beauty depends on a person's own perspective," she said, when asked if supermodels are truly an epitome of beauty. Jennifer added that "everything can be made beautiful, when looked from different angles."