Updated: 08 December 2012 11:00
Jesseca Liu & Ya Hui: Career first, love later

The single ladies of the upcoming ChU drama ‘Marry Me’ tell all about their love lives, or rather, the lack thereof

Jesseca Liu & Ya Hui: Career first, love later
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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Joanna Goh & Channel U

When we got the three leading actresses, Jesseca Liu, Yvonne Lim and Ya Hui, from upcoming ChU drama series, Marry Me, to pick a character that best represents the state of their current (and almost nonexistent) love lives, the trio uncannily shared the same choice – Liu Xixi, a successful career woman and workaholic with no time for love.

And the reason behind it? The long working hours and lack of time to date and meet people beyond their small social circles in showbiz, the girls concluded with slight lament during their separate interviews with xinmsn.

In an all-too-relatable TV drama, these three actresses each play a character that falls under three broad categories of women in their 20s, 30s and 40s and the relationship problems they face today. Jesseca plays Rainbow, an independent and overly confident singleton, Yvonne plays Xixi, a workaholic who tends to neglect everything in life but work, and Ya Hui plays Liang Ruo Shan, an obese radio deejay who suffers from low self-esteem when it comes to men.

A WaWa Pictures’ production that’s set to air in 2013, Marry Me will be a diversion from the production house’s usual heavy-handed and serious drama offerings like Game Plan and The Winning Hand.  And for those secretly hoping for WaWa to put an end to their Chris and Jesseca “TV” love line formula, rest assured, the latter will be romancing a new man, or rather, a few men in this show and Chris ain’t one of them.

Since the plot is centered on the show’s leading ladies, we spoke to the three female leads to find out more about their personal love secrets. Read on below to find out who’s dating, who’s single, and whose parents are dying for her to get hitched – for real.

Starring Jesseca Liu, Thomas Ong, Pierre Png, Yvonne Lim, Ya Hui, Jeffrey Xu and Yuan Shuai, Marry Me premieres on ChU, 8pm on Feb 27, Wed.


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