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Jesseca Liu to write and direct her own movie next year

Aspiring director Jesseca Liu will be directing a romantic-comedy next year

Jesseca Liu

In upcoming Channel 8 drama Blessings, Malaysian actress Jesseca Liu will play two characters – a songstress in the 1940s and an independent career woman in the 21st century.

At the drama’s press conference last week, she revealed to have given many of her “firsts” to this drama where she not only had to challenge a classic song from the 1940s, the 35-year-old also filmed her maiden fire scene.

Jesseca, who had no prior experience at singing oldies, signed up for singing lessons to better emote the song ‘The Bright Moon Sends My Love From a Thousand Miles’.

“Although it is common for us in Malaysia to sing Hokkien oldies, I have never tried it. Now I have to challenge Taiwan folk singer Tsai Chin’s version on my first attempt, of course I’m feeling the stress!” she said during an interview with xinmsn.

As her voice is not suited for oldies, the actress had to spend extra time and effort to practice for it. Fortunately, Jesseca was satisfied with the end-result and even won praises from the crew. However, the HIM International Music artiste has no plans to enter the music industry as it would be “too demanding.”

While singing proved to be a new challenge for her, Jesseca thinks she had a harder time trying to juggle between her roles, which are “poles apart”.

Jesseca explained, “I have to be gentle and graceful as a lady in the 1940s, but for most of the show, I am an independent and strong woman. The switch is quite drastic for me and I feel confused at times. But this role gives me room to show my abilities.”

Playing Shaun Chen’s lover in both eras, Jesseca thinks highly of her Malaysian-Chinese co-star. “I think Shaun fits the role of ‘an ancestor’ perfectly since he grew up around his elders. He is able to lead me while acting and I feel at ease.”

From left: Chen Shu Cheng, Yao Wen Long, Yvonne Lim, Chen Han Wei, Jesseca Liu, Sora Ma, You Yi

From left: Chen Shu Cheng, Yao Wen Long, Yvonne Lim, Chen Han Wei, Jesseca Liu, Sora Ma, You Yi

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