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Jimmy Lin’s company suspected of selling fake health products

Jimmy Lin is suspected of earning a huge profit margin from selling health products with misleading marketing

Jimmy Lin

Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin has been suspected of being involved in selling questionable health products from a pharmaceutical company, for which he is a spokesperson and investor.

This company, Ai Bi Li Biotech, has recently been suspected of marketing a collagen drink with misleading information, making a huge cost-profit margin. The drink was claimed to have “age-defying” effects, but word spread that it is an unproven claim.

Recent media reports revealed that the collagen drink cost only 4 RMB (approximately S$0.80), but a pack of 30 bottles is sold for 1,080 RMB (approximately S$222), making a profit of nine times its cost price.

Reports also pointed out that Ai Bi Li’s collagen drink is sub-contracted to Shanghai Grape King Pte Ltd; the drink has not undergone any R&D (research and development) and is not factory-produced.

Responding to these rumours, Jimmy said: “How can it cost 4 RMB? We also need to design and package [it], so we can’t simply look at its material cost.”

Regarding speculations that the product was outsourced, Jimmy claimed that investigations by the Trade and Industry Bureau had proven that their work is legal. “I have stayed quiet about it, but that doesn’t mean that I’m admitting we are in the wrong. Will I put 21 years of reputation at stake?”

Ai Bi Li Biotech also said that they will take legal action against any defamatory remarks.

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