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JJ Lin impersonator earns big bucks in China

A man impersonating as the Mandopop singer makes use of JJ’s name to earn thousands of dollars

JJ Lin

In recent years, Chinese TV has been rolling out programmes that involve ordinary folks impersonating celebrities, and some of these ‘imitators’ have been found to resemble the stars themselves, such as Nicholas Tse and his impersonator.

Recently, a Chinese DJ named Fan Yixian has been found to be posing as Taiwan-based local singer JJ Lin. Imitating JJ’s hairstyle in his sixth album, Yixian went on stage when the host called him “JJ Lin” and even performed.

The DJ’s lack of clarification on his real identity led to an uproar among many JJ fans, who subsequently criticised Yixian for lip-syncing, and called for him to stop tricking people. Some had even called for JJ’s management, Warner Music, to take action. A Beijing spokesperson from Warner Music responded and said that legal actions will be taken when needed.

Yixian, who was once warned by JJ’s management, mostly performs at nightclubs located in the outskirt areas of China, and sometimes, he would go by the name ‘JJ Lin impersonator’ and thus escaped legal implications. It is said that it would take a long time to gather sufficient evidence to sue him.

When reporters spoke to Yixian’s manager, he said: “We’ve spoken to JJ’s manager about this – impersonation is permissible, so we are not going against the law here.”

He added that when JJ’s manager saw Yixian’s photos and heard his voice, he found great similarities between Yixuan and JJ himself. Yixian rakes in about NT$38,000 (approximately S$1,500) per performance, and is speculated to have earned a whopping NT$7 million (S$287,000) under JJ’s name for the past two years.

Yixian once told reporters: “Impersonating is merely a process; it’s important to find your own style and produce your own work.” But when he released his mini album two years ago, his singing closely resembled JJ’s, but his style and voice quality was found to be a far cry from the Singaporean singer.

JJ Lin

JJ Lin's impersonator performs in a nightclub in China

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