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Joanne Peh’s car vandalised by loanshark runners

The MediaCorp actress’ vehicle became the newest target of loanshark runners as it was splashed with red paint this morning

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Joanne Peh

Joanne Peh’s car vandalised by loanshark runners

Local actress Joanne Peh awoke to a rude shock this morning when she was informed by her father and neighbours that her Range Rover vehicle was vandalised with red paint. In a phone interview with xinmsn, the actress shared that her car, which had red paint splashed all over it, had an address and a note stuck on the windshield with a name, phone number and a message that read: "Owe money, pay money".

Joanne clarified that the details on the note did not belong to her and added, "I do not know who the person is. I'm just an innocent victim, a bystander of this horrible crime."

The 28-year-old lodged an official police report this morning after she discovered the act of vandalism and said investigations are still ongoing. "I spoke to the police officers and some of them highlighted that this is the kind of strategy used by loanshark runners these days. Instead of targeting the borrowers' home, they target the people around them."

According to Joanne, one of her neighbours from a different block, who did not borrow money from the loansharks, was also a victim of harassment and had his front door splashed with paint.

"Someone in the neighbourhood probably didn't return their money, which explains why the loansharks are using these methods. It's an embarrassment for them [the residents from another block] since people can always assume that they are the ones who borrowed the money, when they aren't."

Joanne Peh’s car vandalised by loanshark runners

A picture of Joanne's vandalised car

With her hands full filming for upcoming Ch8 drama, C.L.I.F. 2, Joanne's dad is currently overseeing repair works for her car. Still reeling in shock from the unfortunate turn of events, the actress' main concerns right now lies on her personal safety and her family's safety.

"Money wise, it's just unfortunate since this is something that I could not have preempted nor prevented - that part I'm not bothered by," she said.

When we raised the possibility of her family vacating their current premises for safety's sake, the actress hoped that things would not reach that stage. "It's going to be tough and I don't want to think so far. As to whether or not I have to vacate, relocate or change my car plate, I hope I don't have to, honestly speaking."

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