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Joanne Peh and Ian Fang out of the SA Top 20

The artistes are a surprising no-show in this week’s rankings, with Zheng Ge Ping and Julie Tan taking their places on the list

Joanne Peh and Ian Fang out of the SA Top 20

Fans of Ian Fang and Joanne Peh: what did we tell you guys about not resting on your laurels just yet?

Both artistes may have enjoyed a relatively steady reign in the Star Awards Top 20 Most Popular Artistes weekly rankings (with the exception of Joanne’s absence in the second week), but on Monday, April 21 at 2pm, neither of their names were to be found in the combined results (online and telepoll).

Joanne, however, still has enough netizen support to be kept in the daily online rankings. But unfortunately for Ian, he’s a no-show on that line-up as well.

So which fandoms bucked up and voted their idols back in? For the ladies, we see Julie Tan, who was kicked out last week, back in the ranks with her seniors. Due to a tie in the outcome, there are still a total of 11 names for Most Popular Female Artistes.

The men, however, gave us a bit of a surprise: after four weeks of not making it to the list even once, “hunkle” Zheng Ge Ping has suddenly popped up, taking young’un Ian’s position. We guess that was his fans’ battle strategy all along: lay low at the beginning, and then, just days before the trophies are to be given out, help him make a mad dash towards the finish line.

Joanne Peh and Ian Fang out of the SA Top 20

With just five days left to vote (the polls close on April 27), devotees had better get working on keeping their favourites safe, or getting them back into the game. As many of the dropouts have proven, not even consistency and a promising start can keep you safe from being ousted at the last minute.

The awards for the Top 20 Most Popular Artistes will be given out during Show 2 of the Star Awards on 27th April. The ceremony will also be graced by international celebrity guest presenters such as Alex Lam, George Lam, Wu Chun, George Hu and Janet Hsieh.

Remember to keep your favourites in the running – or get them back into the Top 20 – by voting for them here! For the full list of nominees, check out our Star Awards 20 (Star Awards 2014) official microsite at  www.xinmsn.com/starawards20.

The online results for the  Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes  and  Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes  are updated daily. The combined results for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes and Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes will also be released daily at 2pm until April 25.

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