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Joey Yung berates Chapman To for inappropriate joke

Chapman To angers Joey Yung after cracking a joke at the Cantopop queen’s expense

Chapman To Joey Yung

Hong Kong actor Chapman To angered Cantopop queen Joey Yung after cracking a mean joke about her at singer Ronald Ng’s concert, said Hong Kong media.

During the concert, which was held last Saturday, Chapman revealed that he had invited Emperor Group CEO Yang Shou Cheng to invest in movie Diva two years ago, in a bid to help Joey clinch the Best Actress award. However, Joey did not manage to garner any awards, while Chapman was the one who was awarded with the “Judges’ Prize” for Best Actor.

The 41-year-old joked, “She (Joey) only just realised that I took advantage of her, so I’m dedicating this song to her. I hope that she’ll never meet someone as unlucky as me.”

Offended, Joey reprimanded him on the Internet, “When is a grown adult like you going to learn how not to cause trouble or step on other people to make yourself look better.” She added that he derived pleasure from hurting people, and is the only person whom she hates in the industry.

Chapman beat a hasty retreat, apologising and claiming that he had cracked an inappropriate joke to raise the atmosphere of the concert. He said, “I apologise to Miss Joey Yung with utmost sincerity… I treasure this friendship very much… I’m sorry!”

Last night, Chapman apologised once again, expressing that making people laugh is the most important thing to a comedian, but that has caused hurt to other people, making him think that he should be more careful in the future.

Chapman reflected on his actions saying: “After what happened this time, I should review my behaviour carefully, or else not only have I let down my friend, I will also have let down my position. I will be more careful in the future.”

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Chapman To

Chapman To


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