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Joey Yung caught on a date with boyfriend Wilfred Lau

The Hong Kong actress who has been keeping a low profile was recently spotted on a date with her boyfriend Wilfred Lau

Joey Yung Wilfred Lau

Joey Yung and her Hong Kong singer boyfriend Wilfred Lau were caught on a date recently despite their attempt to keep a low profile.

After attending an event two days ago, the Hong Kong singer-actress immediately rushed for a date with her boyfriend, without even changing out of her performance outfit. The couple was seen having dinner at a Japanese restaurant and publicly displaying affection throughout.

In a state of bliss while chatting happily with her boyfriend, Joey was overheard saying, “I feel so happy at this moment”. Ignoring stares from fellow diners, the couple even fed and hugged each other at the restaurant.

Joey started running in her high heels while Wilfred chased after her when they discovered the presence of paparazzi after leaving the restaurant at 11pm. The couple then hopped on a taxi and left the scene immediately.

According to the Hong Kong media, Joey’s dubious sexual orientation has sparked a controversy when she was rumoured to be romantically linked to Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, who admitted to being a homosexual . However, the Hong Kong singer-actress surprised everyone when she openly admitted her romance with Wilfred last year.

This is not the first time the couple has been spotted on a date. Apart from hiking and travelling overseas together, Joey reportedly stays over at Wilfred’s place after their dates.

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