25 December 2012 09:00
John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and the weirdest Christmas albums ever

Christmas with Colonel Sanders

Weirdest Christmas Albums (© RCA)
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Yes, that Colonel Sanders. The finger-lickin' KFC bloke (who in fairness, did look a bit like Santa). Amazingly enough, the man with the secret blend of herbs and spices put out three Christmas albums between 1967 and 1969, all of which featured covers of festive standards by MOR stalwarts like Jim Reeves and Harry Belafonte.

This, the last of the trio, featured a gloriously hokey message from the Colonel which included the lines:

'My memories of Christmas as a youngster are happy ones. Times were hard on the small Kentucky farm where we lived.  My widowed mother worked hard to support the five little ones in her brood.  But difficult times were momentarily forgotten when Christmas rolled around. 

'Many years later, my chicken recipe laid the foundation for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation.  I made my mark in life after I was 65 years old, but I must admit I always feel like a child at Christmas!'

It's enough to make Morrissey smile. Hmmm... maybe not.

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