Tuesday, 30 October 2012 11:24

Jolin Tsai bares it all for music video?

The Taiwanese star aims to achieve a new breakthrough in her latest music video

Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai recently challenged her sexy limits by wearing only a nu-bra and skin-coloured pants for her new music video Fantasy.

To present the unrestrained feel of a modern Eve, the music video director requested Jolin to attempt an almost-nude image. Her long hair was used to cover her chest, creating a “bare-it-all” illusion.

The crew was initially concerned that she would feel uncomfortable with her new image, but to their surprise, the 32-year-old was cool about it.

Jolin’s manager laughed, “We are the ones who were nervous and worried that she might accidentally expose herself. But she was not worried at all.” 

The singer displayed professionalism throughout the shoot, while the males in the production crew were too shy to look her in the eye.

Jolin’s latest music album, MUSE, is now available in all music stores.

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