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Jolin Tsai gains approval from Vivian Dawson’s parents

The Taiwanese singer recently visited her boyfriend’s hometown where she met his parents for the first time

Vivian Dawson

Speaking to the media at an event on Saturday, New Zealand-born model Vivian Dawson openly declared that his parents had a “good impression” of his girlfriend Jolin Tsai and that his Mandarin-speaking mum was especially happy to have someone to converse with. The 28-year-old added that Jolin and his parents mostly chatted about everyday topics while he acted as a tour guide.  

Earlier reports revealed that Jolin had gone on a free-and-easy trip to New Zealand over Valentine’s Day, after wrapping up her concert in Australia last week. The Taiwanese singer was spotted taking a cable car ride with her boyfriend’s family in Rotorua, a popular northern island in the country, and Vivian admitted that it was the first time Jolin has met his parents.

When asked on marriage plans during the event, Vivian expressed that he “has not thought about it” and defended Jolin who is labeled to be of ‘suitable age for marriage’. He spoke up for his 32-year-old girlfriend, saying, “She isn’t that old. Do you think so? I’ll tell her that.” 

In addition, he wished for his love life in the Year of the Snake to be as smooth sailing as last year’s.

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