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Judee Tan lends her craziness to Crazy Christmas 2012

We find out why the FLY Entertainment artiste is a “large part of the crazy” in the fifth edition of the wacky Christmas extravaganza where “Silver Screen meets Silver Bell”

Judee Tan lends her craziness to Crazy Christmas 2012

Text and Photos: Joyce J. Chansingh
Video: Tay Yixuan

There is nothing more infectious than Judee Tan’s random funniness and laughter – and that, to us, is a talent on its own.

As attested to by Selena Tan and George Chan, directors of Crazy Christmas 2012, there’s not a single drop of doubt that this “crazy” actress-comedian, made most famous by her portrayal of North Korean reporter Kim Bong Cha in The Noose, is the perfect fit for this year’s Yuletide comedy gig by Dream Academy.

xinmsn caught up with some of the cast members in the midst of their rehearsals and Judee – an interviewer’s delight, never shies away from any questions. Packed to the brim with oomph and contagious hilarity 24/7, she is ever ready from the get go.

“This is my ‘virgin’ Crazy Christmas so you must come and watch, lah!” Judee declared shamelessly with a laugh. “I feel like I’m a large part of the “crazy” in Crazy Christmas!” she added before bursting into fits of contagious laughter. 

According to Selena, the naturally funny actress always comes into rehearsals with oodles of energy and enthusiasm “which is great coz the rest of us will be like, err yay!…” (Laughs)

Judee Tan lends her craziness to Crazy Christmas 2012

“She’s very talented and great to work with – very serious about her craft,” Selena said.  “And she’s a thinking performer – she writes her own stuff which is great and she just brings life to the rehearsal process.”

All psyched up for her virgin show where Crazy Christmas goes back to the golden era of Hollywood , the FLY Entertainment artiste will be portraying silver screen legend, the sexy actress Rita Hayworth.

Aiyo, I always say I’m wonderfully excited to be a part of the cast,” she said. “There are many types of shows that we do as an artiste, and to do a show like this – I say, c’mon let’s have fun!”

The talented actress will also be reprising her role as the delightfully shy and giggly traditional Chinese doctor called Dr Teo Chew Moi, a character made famous at The Hossan Leong (THLS) in 2010.

“Teo Chew Moi has grown to be popular [since THLS]. She’s one of the characters I really love playing because she is so local and Singaporeans can identify!” Judee said.

“Christmas – I call it an Ang Moh holiday and it’s great to see local faces doing our own version of Christmas celebrations!”

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